General Terms and Conditions

1. Mika Mondo offers its customers affordable PR packages with a flexible contract periods. All services focus on approaching media contacts efficiently. In addition, Mika Mondo offers their clients PR support at Services that are not included in the official PR packages are offered on request and invoiced separately.


2. Mika Mondo cannot guarantee results (e.g. in the form of publications), but we can assure you of our commitment and hard work we do for our clients. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee 100% positive articles or ensure that no competitors are mentioned in the article. The vast majority (> 95%) of our clients have had positive coverage so far, however, we cannot control what exactly journalists write about our clients.


3. Mika Mondo is committed to a professional approach in all interactions with media representatives and only passes on information that has been approved by the client first. Furthermore, we promise a professional, results-oriented and fast PR service at any time.


4. Mika Mondo tries to ensure that all clients get off to a good PR start as quickly as possible. To do this, we depend on a close cooperation and exchange with our customers. This applies in particular to all media-relevant information and materials. Mika Mondo also relies on a smooth approval process for information intended for publication and the availability of contact persons, e.g. for interviews.


5. Mika Mondo submits concepts and texts to the client so that they can check the factual information contained therein. With the approval, the client assumes the responsibility for the correctness of the information. Mika Mondo is not responsible for checking legal questions, especially in the field of copyright, competition and trademark law.


6. Mika Mondo undertakes to keep secret the business or company secrets of our clients which have been entrusted to us or have become known to us as a result of the cooperation. In the same way, we also trust our clients treat the h information about the PR services the same.


7. Mika Mondo offers their clients different contracts with a term of one month each. Cancellation of the PR service is always possible fourteen days before the end of the month or four weeks before the new term begins. In the event of an extraordinary termination, advance payments made for services not used will be returned to the client’s account within four weeks. Clients may continue to use the press materials produced by Mika Mondo for their own purposes on prior agreement, even after termination of the cooperation.


8. Changes, extensions and other additional agreements require electronic form to be effective.


Berlin, 19.06.2020